Mahan Sanat Aria Company was established in 2012 with the registration number 17974 with the aim of building and flourishing in Iran's oil industry. This company is considered one of the contractors in the implementation of national and infrastructure projects in Iran, which consists of experienced, committed and hardworking personnel. relying on the spirit of participation, experience, expertise and special capabilities, including courage and honesty, have proven their abilities in various fields of work and effort towards the construction and development of the country, and since its establishment, until now, it has an active presence in the fields of The country's construction has been diverse. Based on more than 22 years of activity, Mahan Sanat Aria company has been able to manage the design and implementation of large national projects in reconstruction and development, based on the extensive support of managers, specialists and experienced employees, and the use of modern and updated specialized equipment and machinery. The country's infrastructure should play a role.
This company, having the first rank in the field of oil and gas, the official exclusive representative of flow and wall pipes and other equipment needed by the oil and gas industries, and having the facilities and equipments and expert and committed human resources, has been able to be an active presence in various projects. with employers subordinate to the Ministry of Oil and the brilliant track record of Mahan Sanat Aria Group in advancing PC, C EPC and EPD implementation plans and supplying an important part of the equipment for about 30 other national projects, including the repair and completion project of 10 wells in South Azadegan field. The projects of 17 emergency wells in 1988 and 14 emergency wells in 1993, which received a certificate of appreciation from the respected CEOs of Iran's Central Regions Oil Company in this regard, is also one of the honors of this collection.

During the past 2 decades, we have always been able to gain a distinct position in providing services to our employers in various fields of engineering, equipment supply and construction. Since the establishment of the company, creating equal job opportunities and responding to the requirements and needs of society by considering safety, health and environment issues has always been at the top of our organizational mission. At every stage of the company's growth, we have continuously tried to update and improve our knowledge and achieve our goals according to the new environmental conditions. We are proud that not only as a professional organization, but also as a committed family, we have chosen our goals and actions in line with the excellence and construction of our society. In this regard, Mahan Sanat Aria Company, relying on experienced and capable specialists as well as a large and up-to-date fleet of machines and equipment, has been able to successfully complete a significant percentage of large industrial projects, especially oil, gas and petrochemical projects in the country. complete.